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 Ride out - Sunday 1 June 2014

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PostSubject: Ride out - Sunday 1 June 2014   Mon Jun 02, 2014 4:09 am

The weather was much better than the forecast predicted - we started the day in lovely sunshine and although we had overcast periods we had no rain.
I think 13 bikes (8 Club Bikes and 5 guest bikes) and set off from the Ruishton Inn and led by Colin and Sylvia we made our way to Bampton where we all had coffee (and cake) in Bridge House.
From here Andy and I took the lead on to Minehead - we had hoped to take a very pretty route over Dunkery, however, due to the system of all riders checking their mirrors failing us - we managed to to fall into various splinter groups!
Andy and I found ourselves alone at Wheddon Cross - where there was no fuel available!  Desperate for fuel we carried on - plus we had seen a fleet of bikes disappearing into the distance so assumed that was our lot!
It seems these were not our group - one of our midst had to stop due to her exhaust parting company with her bike and so Eric and Pete had stopped with her to help.  We of course knew nothing of this.
All was, however, well in the end, as those who had not headed off home did make our way to Minehead for chips or a carvery or even icecream - or maybe all three!!! - Not us by the way - icecream was sufficient.

Lessons to be learnt 

  • Do not assume you have loads of fuel - check thoroughly before leaving home.
  • Never rely on Wheddon Cross to be selling petrol - even though it is a fuel station!
  • Use the second man drop off - it works beautifully - provided the tail ender does not go home part way through the ride!

We hope that Colin and Sylvia enjoyed the surprise family birthday party and did not feel guilty about leaving us all out of the celebrations.

It was good to meet new folk - and nice that Marcus felt able just simply to join us at Wiveliscombe and ride with us to Bampton.

And finally - a really big thank you to Mr Triumph Trophy and his owner for sharing his petrol with an old BMW.  Due to his generosity combined with the fact that BMW's owner discovered that he has a second fuel tap leading to an extra reserve - we made it to Minehead.

Paula  wine

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eric stocker


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PostSubject: Re: Ride out - Sunday 1 June 2014   Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:46 am

Would just like to say a big thank you to Colin and Sylvia for the lovely ride to Bampton was a great ride  and very nice tea stop , beautiful garden. Then big thank you to Andy and Paula for leading from Bampton  to Minehead then from Minehead to Wellington where me and Jacki headed off for East Devon.

Shame Paula and Andy was left on their own at Wheddon Cross but Charlotte broke down before we got there and they had left by the time we got there .  Wonder why who ever was behind Andy and Paula did not follow them in to petrol station if they had maybe the rest would have followed.

Many thanks to Pete Dyer for stopping to help with Charlotte's bike , lucky for us Pete's daughter lived 2 miles away and Pete was able to get the things we needed to get Charlotte on her way and make it to Minehead and home .

Me and Jacki brought Ben, Charlotte, Lee, hazel and James with us and they all really enjoyed the ride and would like to say thank you to all there for making them feel so welcome , so well done all great ride out and a great bunch of people makes a brill day ,

Many thanks,
                   Eric and Jacki .
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Ride out - Sunday 1 June 2014
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