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 National Sprint Association Weston Zoyland - June 2014

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PostSubject: National Sprint Association Weston Zoyland - June 2014   Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:07 am

If anyone says you could have a great weekend in Weston Zoyland you would probably think them rather strange.  However, that is exactly what we have just done.     scratch 

We usually try to pop along to the disused air strip when we know the sprint is on - we always say it would be nice to go for the weekend rather than just have an hour there.

I had earmarked this weekend to do just that and at about 2pm on Saturday we set off to make the long and arduous journey from Blagdon Hill to Weston Zoyland. It was raining and we did ask each other if we were mad.  We had packed wet weather activities to occupy us - paperwork, reading, lap top etc.  Yes, we are mad!      comfort 

Well the good news is that we did not resort to the paperwork etc as the weather was glorious.

We parked up on the edge of the field and watched the afternoon session of the sprinting.  A lovely supper and a glass of wine or two - what a great way to spend an evening - it was only marred by the lads camping next to us who had their radio blaring out all evening.  We put our "tolerant" heads on and rose above it.  We did try to strike up a conversation with them but to no avail.     Banghead 

Some overnight rain but awoke to dry and very soon the sun appeared.

Two more sessions today from 12 noon.  They do not start until 12 to not disturb Church Services in nearby villages.  I wish the lads camping had been so considerate.

I hope the photos give a flavour of the sprinting, the Daimler Dart just happened to be parked up and the cows were two who remained in the field throughout.  A friend of ours owns the land and he had caught all his cows and moved them for the two days.  These two, however, clearly wanted to watch the bikes and just refused to be caught.  The land owner decided to leave them there and they were not in the slightest bit perturbed by the noise.      JB 

Paula  wine
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National Sprint Association Weston Zoyland - June 2014
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