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PostSubject: Paula    Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:17 am

Although I do not ride motorcycles myself I am passionate about "two wheels".

Those of you who know me and have seen me trying to master walking in my wellies; will be extremely grateful that I do not infact ride a motorcycle! Clap

I am married to Andy who does ride and I am the little voice from the pillion seat - constantly in his ears - alerting him to vital things such as breathtaking views, sheep in fields, daffodils etc. As you will know, none of these things are important or vital to a rider who will undoubtibly be concentrating on the road and other road users, however, I do not want him to miss anything affraid

We own several motorcycles - some of which will, I am sure, appear in the "show me yours" section.

I really hope that this forum will come alive with information about you - the members of TDBCMCC - your bikes, projects and other interesting things you do.
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