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 Shepton Show 2013

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PostSubject: Shepton Show 2013   Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:32 am

This is a response to Barry's post in the thread about Shepton Show 2012 and is for all to comment on please.

It will be a great shame if we are unable to get more bikes for the Club Stand next year. I do have some thoughts on this and I do not mind being told that I am totally wrong but this is just food for thought:-

It should not be down to just one person to do everything. I believe that there should be perhaps four people who would work together to get the entire thing up and running. They can update the meeting as necessary and involve others from the club as and when they need them.

The profile needs to be raised - as I understand it - at the moment it is mentioned at one meeting, by which time that the forms need to be sent off almost straight away.

By the time the forms arrive we should have bikes earmarked ready for the form completion and members committed to bringing them. It is all too easy for us all to assume that there will be plenty of bikes and so no need to bother. Well, 2012 has proved that there are not plenty and we all need to get involved.

It can never be too early to start the planning - the theme and the number of bikes we need. Also perhaps more members to come along and be on the stand to talk about their bikes to the people viewing - not to mention watching our "pride and joys" in case of sticky fingers.

This year we were approached by a few people who wanted to know about the club. Maybe we should be a little more slick on this one and perhaps we could encourage new members.

Whilst chatting at our Shepton based "Ruishton Inn" - we did discuss membership application forms - we could have these available at the show and at the Exmoor Run. I have agreed to formulate a first draft to be reviewed at a meeting soon.

It is also quite difficult to identify a member of the club on the stand and so maybe badges should be worn. I know that T shirts and sweat shirts were discussed some time ago and I do not know what became of that idea.

Regarding ideas for 2013 - this forum is the perfect place for folk to put forward ideas - however, at present, apathy reigns, so a no go me thinks.

As so many of our members are interested in the steam fayres then perhaps we could have a steam theme - maybe a railway station of yesteryear?

Or maybe an old garage forecourt or a 50's cafe.

To make it work of course we would most certainly have to have a carpet and a vacuum cleaner!

I am sure that many of our members can come up with loads of ideas but, as I said, we need to spend more time in advance of the show making ideas come to fruition.

Now I'll go and .

Paula  wine
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Shepton Show 2013
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